Easy steps to pack well-organized luggage for 2-week trip!

Packing luggage is a fundamental key to a successful and happy trip that every traveller must experience. You may be frustrated when you open your luggage and find everything is heaped up in a lump of mess. That will make you end up being lost in searching for the items and wasting time to find them. Other annoyance is that your clothes lose their shape and appear full of wrinkles. This is my easy idea to packing a well-organized luggage for 5-6 day trip with cheap organizing tools!


1. All you need to have before getting started is resealable bags aka Zip Lock bags. It can be applied not only for food storage and liquid or spray toiletries products but also be fitted with clothes. This, a box of Tesco brand zip lock bags, contains 15 bags and costs merely 1.5US$ (49TH฿)!!!

Gawsssh! THAT FISH!!! Are you sure you’ll use the fish freezer bag for clothes?

2. Other tip: use elastic hair band.
It helps maintain the shape of furled clothes and helps prevent crinkles. Don’t worry that your clothes will become unfurled and stretch out to join a cluster of messy wringkling clothes! These cost only 20TH฿, 10 baht for each! (0.6US$) I got it from a 20 Baht shop (like 100 Yen shop in Japan or 5 Yuan shop in China)


3. You ought to have a rough itinerary in your mind: how many days you’ll be there, what kind of the weather, what kind of the clothes suitable for the activity in each day. Then, match the tops and pants for each day and divide your furled clothes into each bag. I divided my clothes into 6 days, 1 bag of nightgown (for every night 😛 ), and some other reserved casual clothes. One more benefit of using ziplock bags is that your worn clothes (and in some case it may get dirty from activities) are turned back to their own bag. The problem of mixing clean unworn clothes and smelly/dirty worn clothes will be near to impossibility 😀

2013-12-26 02.47.09


4. It’s not neat enough for me. Yeah, I’m a neatness Nazi by nature. I’m sorry for that. I gather all of those ziplocked clothes into a ‘Bag in Bags’. This item was ordered from the online shop. It’s a set of 5 polyester bags. 350TH฿ (11US$)

1386741510315Here ye go!


5. For gadgets: phone charger, iPad charger, power bank charger, MacBook charger and some other uncategorized things like contact lens and lens solution are kept in a foldable box. It’s also from that 20 Baht shop XDDD


6. Toiletries are kept in a transparent plastic box which looks like a first aid box…. (see the image above)

7. Shoes are in a shoe bag (a free extra item of that set of Bag in Bags.) The gadget box and other uncategorized stuff are peacefully laid in another longer foldable box. To barricade the stuff from falling from the top of the luggage to the bottom when you sit it up and wheel it.


8. Finish! Beautifully!