How to not know other people’s lives on Facebook? Shut the news feed.

Facebook becomes an essential built-in application. You can’t avoid Facebook. Almost everyone has it rooted in their mobile’s memory. I’ve been using Facebook on mobile’s browser for year. No more separated app.

People give me their bewildered look on their face with an invisible question “Huh? Why don’t you use Facebook? You don’t have this application in your phone? This is rare. Are you a wannabe hipster or something?” I don’t think the non-Facebook users are hippy tree huggers. The reasons I quit Facebook (although not entirely) are:

  • It’s easier to feel less self-esteem as people are always presenting their lovely days (of course, lovelier than yours). Such thing thus affects your mood and inevitable jealousy.
  • Then Facebook becomes a place where people are on the stage of “I have a good life” competition.
  • The obsession with ‘Likes Me As Many As You Can’ and ‘I Must Get As Many Likes As I Can’ lead to insane stuff people are devoted to do.
  • Brands or products often launch the campaign “Share This Post to Your Timeline and You May Get Our Gifts!” — sort of that stuff just pollutes the news feeds.
  • Out-of-nowhere passive-agressive posts


  • Privacy setting is worrisome. Some posts are open while some are concealed. Yet you might worry if there will be those loose-tongued betrayers who spread your secretive posts.
  • It comes straight to your mind whether something should be posted or should not. You’re eating ice-cream? Eh? Does this ice-cream worth being posted on your timeline or not? Eh, it doesn’t look cool enough to post and people may pour scorn on you for having an ordinary ice-cream. Huh? For what? Are you a loser or an attention seeker for posting plain-looking ice-cream or share your little daily life to the world? Your post is equivalent to “Hey! Look at me! I’m going to pee!”
  • It’s my personality to not want to know other people’s lives. That doesn’t mean I don’t care. I just think if you are that close with me, you will simply tell me in person. There’s no need to know lives of others whom I, once in a while, emm…. when was our last talk?, am not that intimate with. I will just manage to know someone’s lives by interacting with them in real life.


  • Over tagging of photos and check-ins.
  • A lot of dramas.
  • You feel pressure in many angles of life: seeing with someone? You’re pressured to label yourself and that would-be significant other with “in a relationship’ status. Going out and meet people? You’re pressured to tag them or have yourself tagged.


  • It’s okay to be the last person who knows what dramas are going on. It’s okay to be the most innocent person who sits in the spot of quiet presence among the vivacious gossipers. Because you just have no idea what they are talking about.
  • Unfriending someone is rude. You unfriend them today, tomorrow you can’t face with that person. Sometimes I unfriended people not because I have any hard feeling with them. I didn’t have any hard feeling with them AT ALL. I simply unfriend them because I want to keep my Facebook clean and organised. People whom I rarely meet and interact with in REAL LIFE are considered removable. I categorise people into my designed lists and layers of proximity. I just reduced the number of friends from 600+ to 300+ in 3 months ago. Then 300+ to 200+ in 1 months ago. Now I have 150-ish people survived in my friend list. I deleted them because I just have nothing to talk with them, so do they…. I guess.


  • Facebook’s database to get to know what you’re frequently interacting the most is ……. intimidating. For example, if you’re now obsessed with news about the latest gadget, your news feed will be a mat of that gadget’s news. If you have chatted with someone in PRIVATE message regularly, your news feed is a land of that person’s posts.
  • Facebook is INTRUSIVE to your personal details. It asks you to fill your workplace, study place, location, birthdate, hobbies, associations you belong to, etc. For a privacy freak like me, this is unbearable.
  • Facebook even ACCURATELY guesses your face!
  • Facebook starts to ask your mobile number and their recent “Identity Justification” is psychologically illegitimate. I want to kill this feature’s developers…


 Now my Facebook is preserved for:

How to not know other people’s live if it overwhelms you?

Shut the news feed.

1) Go to your profile and select the setting part. Find “News Feed Preferences”

Screenshot 2015-02-22 13.04.59

2) You can filter people, pages, groups not to show on your news feed.

3) Facebook’s primary mode is “Following” (the same as “Subscribed”) If you don’t need to let some people’s posts to wander on your news feed, just click at “Following”.

Screenshot 2015-02-22 13.06.15

4) It will turn to be “+ Follow” ( = Unsubscribe ). Now I have only 7 persons I’m still following. (Out of total 150-ish persons in my friend list.)

Screenshot 2015-02-22 13.07.02