More and more social apps, life is confusing!

Let’s share screenshots.


Many many many more new social apps emerge and jump into the battlefield of this fierce networking platforms. It’s so many that a user is confused which one to choose or when to use with different purposes and occasions. I ground the limited number of social apps I’m using on my purpose, categories and privacy. These are the ways I use each app.

Group 1: Chat, communicate individually

Skype — for overseas communication with my close ones.

Facebook Messenger — Notice that I don’t install the sole Facebook app. I only reinstall-reuninstall it when I need to upload multiple photos onto albums in my Facebook account. It was annoying that when you install both apps and the messages popped up in both apps. I dislike duplication. So I uninstalled the so-called ‘essential built-in app’ Facebook. Messenger is to chat with people who still stick themselves to the old platform of networking such Facebook. They are too lazy to call, send email, talk in person, whatever. Facebook is their only primary communication. Problem is that these people make up the majority of your acquaintances.

Line — It’s a hit in Thailand and other Asian countries. Line is for strangers I just met in person or people whom I consider to be in outer layers of my proximity. It’s good to communicate with people you don’t need to pry in their personal life as most people don’t update their Line’s timeline. All you do is pure chatting. Line is a gateway to review a person whether you should add him/her into your inner circle of Facebook account or not.

Group 2: Publicise my thoughts

Twitter — My relationship with Twitter is off-and-on. Sometimes I find it stupid to share your thought with 140 characters limitation. Then I moved to Tumblr which I perceived ‘cooler’ but I found out Tumblr has loads of gif and fandom. 5 times of install & uninstall Tumblr, I gave up. 7 times of install & uninstall Twitter, I almost gave up. Twitter is a space for following celebs, crazy ranters, trend initiators and trend followers. I still use Twitter (not sure how long my relationship with Twitter will continue…) for these reasons:

  • publicise my WordPress blog posts
  • occasional opinionated rants
  • follow public figures and series
  • interact with Indonesian people who use Twitter
  • interact with online strangers whom I’ve never met in person
  • give feedbacks, suggestions, complaints to public services

People say Twitter is where the latest news are. No, I don’t use Twitter to keep update to news. I use other RSS Feeds application to store the news, forums and articles I’m interested.

Google+ — Google Plus and I are not that close. I use G+ to…

  • publicise my WordPress blog posts
  • share articles I found interesting (at least in my opinion) that seem professional
  • casual professional presentation
    (Google+ is more casual than LinkedIn which I only have resume-like profile)

Screenshot 2015-02-22 11.33.11

WordPress — To write shitty blog like this…

Instagram — Photographs sharing. Any photos that make me able to feel proud of my mobile photo taking skill. Most of my photos are natural sceneries, places, weird stuff. I keep my selfie minimal.


Group 3: Personal space

Email — anything formal or official such as receipts, booking, purchase, etc. You know what email is for.

Path — I’m getting addicted to this app although I’ve been using it for… 2 days. It’s a place where you filter people — those people you don’t feel the need to share your moments with them (but you still keep them in your Facebook’s friend list as a matter of manner. Just manner.) Path limits the number of friends to 150 people at maximum. I’m having only 4. I don’t think I can reach to even 30 people in my Path’s friend list. I’m introverted and selective. I’m using path to…

  • share random things in daily life.
    Path can be used as a journal or diary which you are still open to some selected people. I don’t feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed with the sense of my oversharing of daily moments. If you share your tedious any-people-also-do moments e.g. getting up, going to bed, eating, working out, having a walk with pets, etc. on Facebook, it’s another different story.
  • capture photos of little things in life
    Path is all about your so-so daily life. It’s an easier version of your paper diary which you can just write down with your thumb pressing on the screen. Path is a portable diary of your so-so life. It’s a place where you don’t need to worry about how other people perceive you like what you would feel on Facebook…
  • sometimes it feels like talking with yourself.
    You are the writer of your posts, you are the reader of your posts. NO ONE cares and gives a shit what happened to you. NO ONE is going to click likes for you. (Whilst they are also doing the same, submitting their posts and you just don’t give a shit to their moments either.) It’s a perfect place for people who don’t give any piece of their shit to the world. The world where earning social acceptance is now measured by how many Facebook likes you got.

Pinterest —photos saving. It’s an instant saving photos into dropbox but with easier approach.

Group 4: Meeting with like-minded people

Meetup — Initially At the first look, it may sound like a dating app. No, it’s actually like a club. A place where the like-minded or people with the same hobbies as yours are gathered. I join volunteering, skeptic discussion, scientific debate, meditation, cat lovers, entrepreneurs, etc. We RSVP the events and meet in REAL LIFE at a REAL PLACE.


Wongnai —Thailand’s #1 Eat-and-Review app. There are eating competitions or promotional events that you may get 5-30% discount, free vouchers, flight tickets to Japan, free trips to Europe, privilege to eat at some restaurants for your whole lifetime, eat-until-you-die VIP gifts, etc. There are many ranks ranged from newbie to Wongnai’s elites. I’m currently at the Spotter rank.

            Screenshot_2015-02-22-12-11-02_1424581878416                             Screenshot_2015-02-22-12-07-59_1424581757678