“You have a girlfriend? Come on, we will root for you to bait a new Gik!”

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It has been half a year I haven’t written anything here. I always picked up ideas in daily life to write about. Then, I postponed my action to really write because I thought “Hey, wait, I need to research. Hey, wait, I have not prepared for my information. Hey, wait, I have not drafted an outline. Hey, I don’t want my post to be too short. Hey, wait, writing a good article takes time for grammar check and wording. And hey, blahblahblah.”

Now I realize that if I am too worried about the language check and the length of my content, I wil not even finally start any single word.  I change the way I think and just remind myself, “Hey, Beau, you write some shit now!”

Okay, the recent shit I picked up today is what I see or hear everyday at the workplace. I assume that both Thai and foreign employees in corporates here would have experienced this shit, too. I am giving you a brief scenario:

You know one of your male coworkers. Everyone knows he already has a girlfriend (or even a wife). One day, there is a cute female newcomer and she may or may not be in the same division with his (or yours). Everyone knows she is drooled over by many straight men here.  Then, some of your female coworkers or female bosses start to encourage that guy to bait the new girl.

I am giving you some examples of the conversation:

(FCWK = Female Coworker, MCWK = Male Coworker)

FCWK 1: “Eh,eh, a newcomer’s there. Gonna go bait her? *pokes MCWK 1* Then, get her Line.”
MCWK 1 (already has a girlfriend): “Hmm, but she seems too young!”
FCWK 2: “Aye, someone like you woudn’t dare to try, would ya? She is your type!”
MCWK 1: “I have no idea if she might already have someone.”
MCWK 2 (no girlfriend): “Cool! Then, I will make a step before you!”
FCWK 3: “Oh, well, well, well. Do you wanna raise a white flag, MCWK 1? You guys can begin your battle!”
MCWK 1: “Seriously? Are you sure you will win? hahaha”
FCWK 1: “Now begin? There’s nothing to lose to bait her even though you don’t get her. At least we will know if she already has someone or not.”

After the girl newcomer was known to be single. The MCWK 1 seems to mirthfully enjoy coordinating with her. His smooth coordination is obviously supported by your FCWKs.

FCWK 1: “Hey up! MCWK 1, could you ask Nong *insert the newcomer’s name* if she can give us the billing of customer xxx?
FCWK 2: “P’ MCWK 1, an another client is dealing with Nong newcomer, and she seeks our support. Would you jump for this?”

It’s weird to me that the workplace is a western company with westernized trainings and systems, but the mind of most employees are not that western.

All right, I get a picture that a newcomer usually gets attention from the older. The weirder part that I wonder is

“Why do WOMEN encourage a MAN to be promiscuous even though they know that the man already has a girlfriend?!!”


A lesson from my professor in a Mexican literature class brought to my mind,

“Truly, the patriarchy maya in the daily life is not as an apparent act of social oppression as  women oppressing against one another.”

OMG, that sounds freakily realistic!

I can see everyday that women shaming on other women. I see women who illusionally purify themselves judge on other women as a worthless existence for not behaving in the norms. And now what? Women themselves are not realizing that they are making other women to be an OPTIONAL choice for a man….

*me scratching my head*


I wonder if the western culture also has this case about friends/coworkers supporting someone WHO ALREADY HAS A BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND to get a GIK. I know people here would calm me down and tell me to “take it easy”. IT SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN EASY OH-EM-GEE.

Because you people do not think deeply to get through the surface that this is an act of promiscuity. This kind of moral paralysis becomes so common in the society that people like you TAKE IT EASY and don’t realize it! This case could partially be a cause of why our Thai society is so fucked with men cheating on women. It is not humourous for some Thai people like me to know what foreigners are gossipping or making fun of the stories about the romantic relationship in Thailand. It is sad that sometimes I badly want to defend our country fellows but the fact that Thai men are surrounded by supportive chances to be promiscuous is freaking undefendable. It is hurt to keep reading I even shut down my laptop!


Even recently, there were messages in the Line coworkers group chat that disgusted me:

MCWK 3 (has a girlfriend): “I am at restaurant xxx. I have not been getting a beer girl tonight yet!”
FCWK 4: “Keep cool, man. Girls will come to you in a good timing! Just wait, bro!”

(A “girl” in this situation is a beer girl. Men like to be approached by beer girls in an outdoor restaurant. The girl will come to have a chit-chat to entertain guests and leave. I am sure they will manage to exchange contacts for more personal chit-chat, hehe.)

Damn, I cannot even understand why female coworkers said that! This kind of thing happens almost everywhere! I feel out of place to be unfitting in a group of women who share the same nationality as mine.

I am not finding out the background facts. I am not finding out the anthropological shit or the social history to understand this circumstance in Thailand. Not today. It’s 3am now.

Done daily rant.