Me and my work-at-home job, what’s changing?

Back in 2013 when I was a junior in college, I got my first remote or work-at-home job with a full-time employment. I realized this must be my future to work anywhere and be location-independent. I fell head over heels for remote jobs. The other job I got during my college was relatively remote as well. I was happy to contact people from overseas in my own time when I felt most productive and sociable. I knew remote job is going to be my life.

However, this is Thailand where paperworks for governmental and banking errands are still omnipresent. This dinosaurous procedures also apply to openness to let people work at home or remotely. After graduation, I experienced the real corporate working world. I joined one of the world’s most well-known HR consultancy firms and worked there for a year.

I managed to get my current job that is a work-at-home job, although not entirely 100% work-at-home. I still have to visit clients on demand. Some of their offices locate offshore, on an oil drilling rig or wellhead platform, in the midst of the endless ocean.


Let’s see differences in my life for a work-at-home job.

1. I found myself frequently overwork more than I did for an office-based job.

During the first few months at an office job, it was usual that I was the last person that left the office or even left the building. I worked until 10-11 pm at the office alone. I found that I felt most productive after there was no presence of people around me. My productive time was 4pm to 10pm.

My hardworking rewarded me to be the country’s quarterly champion and my team were proud of me. One day I realized Oh, I don’t want any kind of award anymore. I just want to have a work-life balance.

With freedom to work at home, my laptop is always anywhere in my house. It’s irresistible to check email and continue work until midnight just because I feel like working until late night…

2. Nap time.

It’s believed that napping during daytime is a body power charge. Yes, it is. The only downside of my napping time is that I tend to oversleep. So my nap time around 1PM turns out to stimulate my intimacy with bed even more. I get up when alarm snoozes to remind me to go back to work, but I still feel in love with my bed and fluffy blanket.

3. Weight loss

I’m such a homebody. I like to call myself a caveman though. Except that cavemen go out hunting for food. No, I don’t. I order food online from Foodpanda and Lineman Delivery almost every day. If I need fresh produce and meat, I order from Honestbee, HappyFresh,  Tops Online, Tesco Online.

I eat only low-fat milk, yogurt, banana, congac, miso soup, kimchi, mixed vegetable soup, egg, chicken breast. I’m not a fan for vegetable and fruit. I have lost almost 4 kilograms during one and a half month…

4. Delivery applications are a part of my life.

Homebody appreciates any tool that helps them not to go out and do thing. Thank you the Internet.

5. Less expense in most things because I am available all the time.

Going to see a doctor? No prob, doc. I can see you during working time and I pay much MUCH less compared to when I pay at extra hour clinics. Going to see friend in her office just because I want to revise my insurance policies, I can see you at 10 a.m. at your office. Too stressed out and want to watch a movie at cinema? If the cheapest ticket is available at 2 p.m., I will be there in 20 mins. Plumber is coming to fix something without notice? I’m home. Just please knock the door so  that I can put on pants and a sweatshirt.

6. Grooming to go out is such a big contrast.

When I feel like going out, I should be presentable enough to drag myself out to experience the world. So my grooming is a borderline extremity ranging from a runway-style grooming to no grooming at all in my birthday suit when I’m in my cave.


7. Video call makes me panic.

I appreciate how nice my overseas colleagues are. They call me online but they don’t turn on their camera for a video call. Thanks. You wouldn’t want to see my tits and a pimple-prone face, would you?

8. Calling makes me panic, but not getting a call back makes me panic more.


9. When I feel stressed, I jump into the pool.

Just jump into the pool and take a shower. I do planking or yoga when my sport band snoozes to remind me that I have sat and move to nowhere for too long time, just get up and move your body.


10. People just don’t get it why I work everywhere.

In metro, in uber car, at hospital, at a car dealer place, my friend’s office. Because I still have to be available and reachable all the time during the normal office time when other office-based staff are working. I’m online since 7 in the morning. No, I’m not a workaholic. I hate working. But my office time is based on Singapore’s time. They open at 8 a.m., so I need to start my day at 7 in the morning.


One thought on “Me and my work-at-home job, what’s changing?

  1. Dear Beau,

    Another entertaining and lovely story! Fun read!
    I agree, nowadays we can work 24/7, anytime, anyplace as fits us. Although I nowadays do not work for a multinational corperation I also often work at the spot where I can concentrate and balance my working and private life best. Being an analyst (INTJ) much of my job demands a peaceful surrounding. I mainly go to the office to have meetings and face-to-face conversations, When possible I leave the “overheated” offce early to go shopping, to go home, avoiding traffic jams and the bullocking 9-to-5 mentality of the herding flocks. I rather sit behind the screen in my appartment. Doors open, breathing air from the garden and listenening to the birds singing their incomprehensable songs. Between well needed and appreciated breaks I labour, as working hard is hardly working…

    What is your experience with MBTI, did you do the test(s)?. Did you study it? Have you applied it (to) yourself? I have seen this method used by marketing collegues for research, profiling and customer engagement. In database marketing it is used to segment populations of customers into customer groups to make personalised communication and optimum customer value possible. Although I don’t believe our lives are that simple, as if they could fully be explained by four dichotome variables only. Nevertheless MBTI is a very strong method and it makes understanding complex matters a lot easier.

    I take great pleasure in reading the vivid stories about your life. They are great fun and I truly feel honoured and treated respectfully when someone engages with open heart and mind like you do. Your doing a great job and are probably not always aware of how much you are helping yourself and other people with such an open mind. No pointlessness here! You have really touched me!
    At the age I had not received the gift of speech yet I have lost my mother, she died of breastcancer. We both were much too young for this to happen. I was two years and not a toddler yet. My brains had to experience a very early wake up call to be able to cope with this black dream. Without the possibility to speak out about it speecheless cries have been my favourite form of expression for a while. Until recently I have always had the feeling that this has given me special abilities later in life. Abstract thinking, having myself as a good friend, for instance.
    All of these matters I have recognised in your writing. Sometimes you have written this straight forward. Sometimes I have read them between the lines as an analytical INTJ is very good in recognising patterns and relating matters.
    Your writings have sparked my mind like someone switched on the light. It reminded me how I used to deal with all kinds of matters. Especially how I used to deal with concerns in the realm of psychology, spiritual and social life.
    Your confessions of protest have made me laugh, they are the remarkable…
    I can tell you I feel very blessed to know someone like you exists and breathes. Someone who has the courage to speak up and who posesses the spirit and ability to write about it. Even write about it in a foreign language. It feels like kindred spirits…

    Pleased to meet you,
    Take care, I wish you many sweet things,
    Yours sincerely,



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