About me!

Thank you for bumping into Longitude Adjustment. My life now is at the beginning stage of an adult life. I am not different from other Asian counterparts in term of meeting the social expectations: to finish high school at 18, finish university at 22/23, find a job as soon as possible after the final exam, not explore my soul and not travel because earning is more expected, and soon be asked to get a decent life partner and poop out kids or else nosy people will think I am a worthless female creature. Most of the time, I wanted to scream “I don’t care.” to whoever expecting on me. All I wanna do is enjoying a lifetime learning about the world and enjoying the short duration of my existence on the earth.

I am currently working in a Human Resources Consultancy firm where the branch is based in Bangkok, Thailand. I have long been looking forward to implementing a remote working life which I can earn money and travel anywhere I want. I am just like most of you, dwelling in a cubicle from 9-5, feeding myself with trashy food, gaining weight and office syndrome, and losing my hair from the stress as if I were a leukaemia patient.

About Longitude Adjustment

Longitude Adjustment is created to store my thinking about my own culture, Thai and Chinese, where I have been raised and surrounded with. I started to think why very few Thai people dare to clarify about what foreigners are arguing about. I read ThaiVisa and other websites that foreigners generalise about Thailand. I found that most of the writings or their opinions about my own country are crap. The crap is spread all over the Google’s top pages with keyword about Thailand. Why crap? What they write is reflexed from the point of foreigners or tourists’ views, not something insightful and intelligent.

I don’t aim my website to be a crap cleaner created by a nationalistic Thai to defend for my own country. I know that some crap about my own country is true and ubiquitous enough to be seen everywhere and to be mentioned about by tourists. My website is, on purpose, to explain the phenomenon of why the crap happens in a brutally honest way. I hope that my website could help equilibrate the vast difference in numbers between foreigners-oriented websites and locals-introspected websites.

Fun fact: the name “Longitide Adjustment” is a parody version for the phrase “Attitudes Adjustment” said by the junta government of Thailand. Someone like me needs to have my attitudes adjusted by the government. It also means that, when you travel elsewhere, your longitude positioning also changes.

About Beau

When Beau was four years old, Beau lost both of her parents and siblings. Then, Beau was sent to live with foster parents in a Thai-Chinese environment. Beau was raised with the typical Asian/Chinese parenting style. Getting A+ is the supreme priority in a kid’s life. Being able to solve Grade 6 mathematics when a kid is only 5 years old is the only indicator of a kid’s intelligence. Beau is lucky enough to have been supported to get into good schools with competitive academic environment.

Since young, Beau didn’t feel related to the rest of the normal kids. Beau’s only passion was to read the whole sets of encyclopaedia and to have her own name recorded at the library as an award for being the student who borrowed the most books. The more knowledge Beau got, the more rebellious Beau became. Beau started to not give a shit with anyone.

Beau didn’t attend any SOTUS activities because Beau thought it was something skin-deep.

Beau didn’t feel tied with any kind of institutionalised bullshit that Thai society is lunatic with.

Beau didn’t attend the graduation ceremony just because she would receive her certificate from a dynasty’s member and find it prestigious to her life.

There are many things Beau doesn’t want to care and endorse into her life but she cares much enough to analyse and criticise about it.

Beau likes Game of Thrones and she tries to imitate Cersei Lannister’s accent in her free time.

Beau has been playing Civilization since the version IV-V-now VI.

Beau is clearly a nerd and a lazy homebody.

Beau likes to munch sweets as much as other girls do.

Beau, in her early 20-something, is still figuring out what to be and to do in life.

Want to connect with Beau?

TwitterTwitter: @a_uselesser

FacebookFacebook: Beau R. Lin

InstagramInstagram: beaureeroj


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